If man can drive a
mountain like a juggernaut,
is there vacancy
where brain function should lord it
above simple bowel movements?

(what the * does that mean? I wrote this in spring 2011 and have forgotten)

I love finding stuff that the fairies have written on my laptop, and always take the credit and dismiss it as if I don’t care…I believe, I believe – this is me clapping my hands. I believe. I know that there is a thought somewhere deep in that there piece but my head is three years older and much more decrepit – now that I’ve reached the big 6-Oh. So, now that time might be of a certain essence I suppose I should do somethin. So here I am doin somethin. I am actively producing action; throwing poems out left right and everything; they’re being accepted all over the place and making me feel aaalllright…I’m getting down on it.


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