Poetry August

The poetry tourney is going well and I’m pretty happy with my Tritina for the fourth round. The challenges have been great – if you can so name the previous one for Blank Verse, with end-stopped lines and an Acrostic in place with the stipulation that you couldn’t use that letter again in the line! Yes, wild and hairy it has been but it has made me work more in a month than I have all year.

It’s also Poetry Fest time again and I now have fourteen postcard poems winging their way across the pond – only received one so far but hoping for an avalanche any day now. If it’s a quiet day in work tomorrow, guess what I’ll be doing. I’ve got a promised blanket to crochet but I can fit some of that into any kind of day.

If I get through to the next round of the tourney I promise to write a report on poetry form and my tortuous path through it.


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