Up, Still Up

Wilful insomnia is just as ravenous as the tossing/turning one – though I don’t allow irritation to get me these days. I hate wasting time in sleep, but when I awake I love the snuggling feeling and the position of comfort. Life is an enigma…just like my taste in music: I leap from Springsteen to The Sundays to The Stereophonics and all the sibilant Ss sounds make me feel organised and suitable for filing away into a cabinet for the future.

Earlier, I was in the sleeping position and listening to a chilled-out playlist but an image of learning to fly dragged me up and into my bag for a notebook. So now I’m blogging and listening to Chasing Cars. All that I am is far from perfect but quite satisfied with my lot and that left behind; the left behind stuff was experienced and is now packed away; the left undone will stay in their dream-state and swell to the surface now and again, I suppose but I will live with that. Snow Patrol are singing about opening eyes and I am nodding, captured by the night.


One thought on “Up, Still Up

  1. One morning, I made conscious decision to ban myself from engaging in active thought about anything once my head hit the pillow at night. And that was it – I gave up an addiction and started getting 8 hours sleep a night.

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