I know where most things are and what they are but often not how they came about. It’s time to turn over a new blanket and be a little more organised – I know I’ve said this before but I’m getting old and Doddery will be here very soon. I’ve tried tidying before and didn’t really get to the bottom of it; actually, I think I only did some of the poetry then got caught up in creating collections then writing – which isn’t a bad thing.

I heard a writer talking about where a particular project came from and that’s what’s started me on this trail…and as I’d just finished a piece of flash fiction based on a writing group prompt I thought this was a good time as any to start as I mean to go on. So that piece has its own folder with a birthing document.

And, here is the proof that procrastination is my first name – I’m supposed to be tidying and here I am writing blog posts! So, that’s the trick to get me writing.


2 thoughts on “TIME TO TIDY UP THE PILE

  1. I’m the princess of procrastination, which means writing and reading blog posts, rather than completing the final revision of my novel.

  2. ireneintheworld says:

    We’ll be princesses in the heap together Sarah! 🙂

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