Back in the Driving Seat

I’m typing again, with a keyboard that works. Enthusiasm fills my sails and the magic dragon pushes me back into the world. It’s awkward though, with a lightweight on my knee and the screen east of this Eden…but it is oh so much easier than swinging between the laptop and on-screen keyboard. One day the problem will disappear and the lovely laptop will recover its glory.

So is this the real reason for the avoidance? I could have typed/written on the baby machine but my excuse was always that the screen was too small. Too small! Isn’t that the reason for its presence? I have a story to finish by the 18th so I should turn my attention to that…and what about the WIP? Yes, enough with the thinking time; it’s writing time now – has been for a while. The stew is cooked and ready for the thickening agent.

What a fine mixture up there; I hope that stew is served up on a boat drifting on a blue lagoon in the cool of an evening and the drawl of Madeline Peyroux easing into the air.

*note – I spilled water on my main laptop a few weeks ago and now five letters don’t work properly.


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