I love being a megalomaniac. Star City is slowly growing on a table set-up in my living room. The shape is definite; the names of roads and streets are still evolving. I am falling in love with the place and can’t wait to see the characters of the WIP walk about in it.

All the novels hanging around me need a setting, and up to now I’ve only paid attention to the characters, their relationships and dialogue. I am like a bottle of wine that becomes wiser with age – the years adding layers of flavour and rich colour. Now I have the missing element.

It’s not as crazy a world as Pratchett’s but I think it can hold an enormous amount of cookies!

When the poster is done it will land on my bedroom wall; that’s where the lovely laptop and I live. I figure the more I see it, the more active my imagination will be in placing characters into its depths.

There has been a lot of thinking time in the last six months. Last month I revived an old novel and now the thinking process is rattling through themes, solving problems, and opening new doors so it can fly. I wrote the skeleton of this book about five years ago and now I can see Stewart and Josie in a landscape. They are really coming alive with the streets and buildings and aspirations of this place. I am omnipotent. Their lives are in my hands and I know exactly where they are going, can map the progression and put a stamp on their arrival.

Let’s hear it for the gods!


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