My hands are seeking out the feel of real books now and have chosen – well I think it was my eyes that chose the cover of Thomas Trofimuk’s novel, Waiting for Columbus. It is all red and autumny with a gorgeous golden pathway under an arch and a woman walking towards the light. The story is captivating and interestingly set out, in present tense – and it’s not annoying. I like it, and will return when I finish.

This was my day off and I behaved like a slovenly old woman – I did nothing and ate rubbish, but there was a bowl of home-made soup and one apple in the mix…and I did write a few hundred words on a story. I also read a quarter of a book (see above) and learned how to add photos to the sidelines of the blog. My mind rambled through the muddy paths of memory on a whim to discover things I might have done. The sun shone outside but I didn’t pay it any attention. I was lost in my own world within my own walls.

I’m still pondering on this male character for the WIP and have decided to find him with my camera. One of the recent photography groups I joined wanted us to take candid snaps of strangers, which I’ve done, but it’s given me a taste for stalking and stealing images from people with their thoughts and intentions on their bare faces. I’m going to look for my Stewart and am excited to know what kind of trousers he wears.

In three weeks I fly to Cyprus to spend a week in the sun, drink cocktails, lounge on a boat, drool over caves and bring happiness and entertainment to my friends. Is it time to pack yet? I had an email to inform me that Check-in was OPEN! It is definitely time to begin cleaning this flat, and not leave everything to the last minute. I would like to have a clear armchair in my bedroom, the hoover fixed and carpets expunged of dust and my hair. And, I should trim and dye said hair too. Oh it’s such a lot of work to do – all that effort. Ah but the thought of leaving our mixed weather and landing on an island in the Med will carry me through.

Hands and eyes will have to choose a couple of books.


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