The Essence

This feels like a year of change – I wonder just how much effort I will manage to put into it. Number 2 son is thinking of moving to Newcastle, number 1 grandson might join the army and I might lose weight. Of course there are modicums of other things that need planting or pruning in my life to make it completely productive and create serenity in my old age…oh but I am tired. I feel about 75 today.

The postcrossing obsession is really calming down, this time. I’ve had a fabulous six months just swimming in postcards, and I’ve still got a drawer full of cards so they will have to be sent…and when I say a drawer full I mean several hundred! But, I have stopped buying on Ebay and Amazon – there’s only the odd pick up in a shop now and again. There is another but coming; scrapbooking is nudging at me, and there are millions of photos all over the place – because of course one of the forum groups I joined was swapping photos, challenging each other on subject matter and such. But, my pursuits are wrapping themselves around my environment and I glory in the postcards from all over the world; my walls support their bright and eclectic images.

Now the back of my mind itches and my fingers flex in anticipation of twinkling their way across these keys. The years are drawing me close, I’m tired but there’s a lot to get out of my head and sprawled onto some medium or other. So, if Time is essence then what am I waiting for?


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