Tired. Mine eyes have seen too much and need their rest but life is in the way. My mind is all over the place – one moment imagining spring and the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the next racing forward to August and the next postcard poetry fest! Wishing time away, sweeping it around my feet so I can get on with what’s on my mind. The future has sneaked into my periphery and I feel the need to get things sorted.

There has been more tidying of my nest; the desk and the armchair in my bedroom were naked for all of a week but now are hidden under piles of arts n craft stuff. But, it’s not as bad as it could be; space has been created and homes await said crafty bits. Scrapbooking is in the air and old photos wait in line to be scanned, both for decoration in beautiful pages and posterity. I started a scrapbook for my daughter last week and got quite a few pages done – her birth, the rug-rat stage and princess-hood. Ooh, it’s all good clean fun.

And, the work in progress is the story mentioned in the last post; it has a new title – WIP. I’ve ripped it a new shape and back again so now there is some kind of justification in its present state and I know what I have to do to move it forward. There’s a very bad man in it and I love writing crazy with him, I just have to get on with it now. It stands at around 20,000 words and is in three sections so here I go one voice at a time.

Meanwhile, back at the Postcrossing ranch, the sound of the postman’s footsteps on the stairs still makes my heart leap. The wonderful postcards are now lining the walls and doors of my hall – fairies and fantasy on the bathroom door, art on the bedroom and movies and stars on the living room. Ah, isn’t life fun?


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