What Path?

One of my Facebook friends is snapping and posting a photo-a-day for 2012; this is a great idea but I doubt if I could keep it up – my intentions are always inspirational but my laziness always gets in the way. A while ago I joined a great site called Deviant Art where you can post photos and writings and art and surf other people’s work and chat about it on the forum but Postcrossing took me away from that. This is a link to what I put up there, a mixture of poems and pics:


While clearing out the craft cupboard I came across an art journal I’d started over a year ago – with only one page done, but a great page I really don’t remember creating! So, I’m trying to push myself towards doing more along those lines…but I am still caught up in the Postcrossing net. I haven’t written anything in months! But, I can feel the tingles and know that something is going to carry me off soon…oh, I am such an art-tart.


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