It’s in the cards

Working tonight, talking on the phone to a young Glasgow woman who could hardly understand a word I said.

‘What does that mean?’

This was her constant question. I wondered if I had slipped into a second language I didn’t know I had learned. There was no bond, female or otherwise – no connection through intuition, tarot cards or universal sense and sensibility. Now, I hate to talk about people in a negative way or slate women or talk down to people but this woman was plain stupid without being special in any way. Yes, she had special needs but didn’t have the intelligence to recognise that there is a multitude of choices in front of even her!

No big words were used or hurt in this experience; I would never call what took place a conversation or a counselling session – it was a struggle and I was drowning, and it lasted half an hour because she had used a credit card and bought thirty minutes of my time. There are furred creatures out there with more knowledge of the world.

I can’t feel sorry for her because she should be capable of looking at the world and judging where the edges are and how safe the path is in front of her. And, she has a child and is planning to have another one even though she knows hardly anything about the man she calls her partner. Is this a new breed of human? Is this evolution digging holes in the sand hoping to find the next link…one that will resist destruction?

Well, thank the gods I won’t be there when they take over the world.


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