Confession Time

I confess that I fell off this wagon on the third day; the postcard stuff still has a grip of me – does this mean that I am not a real writer, only a hobbyist? Who cares? I don’t. My life is my own and I’m having fun, also – I don’t want to earn a living as a writer, well not until I’m retired. The idea of pressure and conformity is definitely something I have always rebelled against and will not allow in my life. Of course this state of affaires is only regarding novel-writing; my poetry continues and is published every now and then in literary magazines.

Arts and crafts have reared their heads again, partly because of Christmas but also related to the postcrossing obsession. I want more fairies in my life, so I’ve just bought an artists source book on how to draw fairies and tomorrow it’s coming to work with me. Or rather, later this morning as it’s now 2am. There are not enough fairy postcards in the world…and, I want to make some fairies for my friend for Christmas – she doesn’t have enough either.

The story I was working on for Nano will sit quietly until I slip back into it; it won’t die or get lost.


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