That Time Again: Nano Nano

I’ve been lost on a postcard spree but am now calming things down to get ready for Nano. After last year’s effort I began a new project for this year, writing pages of notes and summarising maybe about ten chapters; it hasn’t been out of its cage since and I have no idea what it was about but I’m going to keep it there until Monday night. When I come back from work and settle down I’ll open it up and remind myself of the story and then at the stroke of midnight I’ll begin writing. As always, I’m excited at the start of something new.

I haven’t written anything since the end of August except a hundred postcards. It’s been a wild couple of months but I’ve had a brilliant time, choosing, writing and posting cards around the world…and receiving the same back. My collection is building and I’ll soon be able to set them up on the walls of my hall. There will be an alphabet section, one for art, handmade cards, sunsets/sunrises, cityscapes and ad-cards. So far I’ve received 60 – here’s the link

The one I can’t show is a beautiful but very naked man; trust me, it’s great. I suppose I could make a fig leaf for him. Actually, he has to remain hidden at the bottom of the pile in case my grandchildren find him…and I should be ashamed of myself for drooling over a man who looks young enough to be my grandson (almost).

Well, of course I didn’t wait until Monday night. I opened the folder and prowled through what’s about to be my new WIP. It took a while to find everything and re-capture the sense of it. So now I am quite excited about it and have been nipping in and out of the document all evening to note down images and lines as they come into my mind. I had sketched six chapters and looking at it after all this time I can see where to begin – and that’s with the sixth one: invisible editing.



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