It was suggested to me that all the passion I used to give to men I now spend on creative arts; I can live with that. The obsessions I fall into with any new project must be none other than love – my mind is like a runaway bride as the interest gathers and I am clutched to the breast of poetry, novels, art & craft and recently Postcrossing. My enthusiasm propels me into the heart of these things and I am lost.

I was getting dressed to spend the evening at my friend’s house when I realised that I had no real shoes to wear that fit me well, so I had to trip over there in the old black trainers my feet have become so comfortable in; they are the reason I end up wearing the same old clothes all the time – there’s not a lot that goes with black trainers. This is the reason I’ve just bought ten pairs of shoes…and did I mention that I’m skint?

Same old thing; I found myself surfing Ebay because I had £15 lying in my Paypal account. Round about midnight I hit on the idea of buying some shoes and spent over an hour prowling for bargains. In the end I put minimum bids on about twelve pairs I liked and settled down to listen to a Margaret Attwood book before sleep. It did cross my mind that if I won all the auctions I’d be swimming in shoes and that I’d have to keep back half the rent to pay for them, but I dismissed it.

As the clock ticked by this morning one after another email clunked into my box announcing that I had won an auction; thankfully, I’d bought two pairs each from two sellers so they combined postage and I saved a few pounds. So instead of postcards or tarot cards winging their way towards me in the post I have shoes – lots of them. This means I have no excuse for the way I dress in future; everything will get an airing, and this might even spring me into action on the diet, though I’ve just made my way through two slices of fabulous cake from last night’s birthday tea.


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