No wonder I’m bloody skint!

I’ve just calculated how much I’ve spent on stamps in the last three weeks: approximately £28! And, probably much the same on postcards…and knowing this I’ve just been back on Amazon and spent another £9 on Tiffany glass cards and Irises. Am I sane? Was I ever?

But, now I’m set with a decent bank of cards and the wild & woolly virgin days are over. I can sit back and receive all the cards coming to me. Nine lovely and interesting cards from across the world have flitted through my letterbox so far and as far as I can work out there are about thirty more on their way. If I can just settle down to less than five a week things will even out.

One good thing about spending all this money on cards and postage – that ate up all the chocolate funds!


2 thoughts on “No wonder I’m bloody skint!

  1. LOL! Welcome to the Skint ‘cos of Postage Costs Club. I stopped tallying months ago. If I added up this month’s costs alone I’d go crouch in the closet. And I have more to pay out before or by Moanday. Wish my out-going boxes weren’t half as heavy.

    I’m enjoying your blog.

  2. Hey Limner 🙂 Well it hasn’t stopped there; since I posted this I’ve bought more cards from Ebay…I can’t not buy them at that price! But then it all adds up…but I do have a delicious pile coming from lovely Ebay and Amazon 🙂

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