Postcard Poems in August

I love these postcard poems, and the fact that I will have written 31 brand new poems by the end of the month – no easy feat that, getting me to work so much in such a short space of time. I’m very happy with the core poems that are appearing on the cards straight off my pen; some of them will need a little tweaking and become short poems but others will mix and match, blend into each other. This is a great habit to cultivate and I would love to continue, even if I don’t actually send the cards to anyone I’d like to collect them for myself – must find a nice box.

They have been slow in arriving, mostly because they are all coming from the US and Europe; I am the only one on my list from the UK. One has arrived with a typed patch stuck on the back, but maybe the poet has very bad handwriting and actually printed what she’d written straight off without editing; I’d like to believe that. So far I’ve only received one that I actively don’t like. Can’t wait for the post tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Postcard Poems in August

  1. ireneintheworld says:

    Yes, and an excuse to buy pretty stacking boxes! But is is hard to send away the pictures on the cards and not have copies, so I’ll re-buy some and keep them for myself after writing a new poem on them 🙂

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