Weeding the Desk

Snip, snip and pull – every time I pass I take something with me and bin it or home it. So far I’ve found four nice pens, some lost fairies and a large pair of scissors that I needed earlier but couldn’t find and had to make do with nail scissors. So, I think I can see the roots from here; this time I’ll be adding weed-killer to get to the heart of the problem – me.

I must find a home for photographs and old negatives, but that means cleaning out the craft cupboard too. Wait a minute…the desk has drawers! What’s in them? Jewellery junk, printer cartridges, tarot cards, old and nasty bill-letters-thingy-stuff SHUT YOUR EARS. Actually, I think two of them are empty…and, there’s another desk in the living room with empty drawers. I need to move stuff into those places. I don’t dare touch the bureau; that would take days to sort out.

Weeding means you have to pay attention to detail and not pull up the good stuff or kill your roses – I do have roses around here somewhere. I’ve been yearning to sit at the desk all week; there will be lots to do at the scanner so I should be over there in my wheelie chair…and when I’m in poetry mode I want to sit at a desk and scribble in a pad. So, I will switch on my head to sort out this mess, flick on that little light and focus on clearing that space for me – the orchid, and then I can bloom.

So, I’ve done mountain-climbing and weeding metaphors – what next?


2 thoughts on “Weeding the Desk

  1. Dear Irene

    I enjoyed your poem in New Writing Scotland – indeed the editor in me couldn’t help gettng in touch to say if you feel like submitting some poetry to Northwords Now, that’d be fine by me.

    Regards…Chris Powici, Editor

    ps – nice blog too!

    1. Hi Chris…oooh, isn’t this a nice comment to find?!! Thanks. I loved yours too and was thinking about Northwords. By the way, it was me who stopped to talk to you about the bison in your poem at Callander last year 🙂 might see you there this year too, not sure what days we’ll be over. And, yes I will send you some poems. x

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