I came first in the poetry tournament. It was a scramble but my Ballade won the day! Working on it, and a couple of the other poems, I find I want to go and play in the form-pit…write a couple of Villanelles and maybe a Sestina – of course I’ve done it all before but maybe it’s time to revisit the learning grounds with a different perspective.

The other day I pondered the old Sestinas I’d written about twenty years ago and can now see what’s wrong with them; they were published but they’re not great. I think I would turn up something to be proud of now.

I bought Stephen Fry’s book on writing poetry, The Ode Less Travelled, the other year but got a bit demented when trying to write iambic pentameter and sloped off. So, I know I don’t want to play in that yard but I will return to the book.

There are a ton of poems in files that need some kind of rebirth so I might look at some of them with form in mind and see what happens…

also, this blog needs some pictures.


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