I’m having a great week competing in a poetry tournament, and writing a story project with three other writers. The poetry thing has forced me to create three brand new poems already and the story thing will turn out a novella of around 30k words. Happy is me – I just love the buzz.

Looking at the poems, the three of them have evolved in completely different ways; the first was written in a mad burst from including 6 words. It turned out to be about the writing/inspiration/procrastination process so I’ll publish it here.

Write a poem that contains the following 6 words:


Predict my text and vex

the Jonah complex that eats

at time scraped

from my knife – strife.


Inject visions, conclusions

into my veins and push

intentions like drugs to

smother me in graffiti.


Give me orders, deadline

my future curtail my time

fine-tune my actions

put me in traction – stretch this limo.


Be ruthless, extract

the words from this soul

sell me down some river

drive me off a cliff, as if


there were best-sellers

deep in my heart. Start

the revolutions, make me tremble

at the roiling swarm.


That was a lot of fun. The second poem had to be on one of the big issues and I wrote about over-eating, the kind that keeps you inside the house to out-grow door frames and kill you. That was sad but I love the piece I ended up with. We posted our first draft and workshopped it in the groups we’d been assigned to. After I got the first draft out I made notes of words of weight and food issues that would be slipped into the poem during the metamorphosis of the second draft. Then I forced the poem into an unforgiving shape, Naga-Uta, to justify every word. It was allowed to find its own shape for the 3rd, and in this case, final draft.

Right now, I’ve just finished the poem for Round 3 and that was to be about something ordinary. I wrote about ordinary women and ordinary days and the end result is quite funny. For this exercise I scribbled all day, while at work, and came up with three poems and then realised that they should be one. So, I mashed them together. When I got home I typed them up and the 5th draft emerged. After some moving and shaping and cutting, the 6th draft is done.

I hope I get through further just so I’m forced to write something else!

The story I’m writing with the other two writers is called The One Premise Story and we are sharing the same characters, situation, animal-name and particular item. I can’t wait to see what the others come up with as I think we’re all writing in different genres.

Life is good despite all the rain in this very June.


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