Paper book in the hand, I’m reading I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchet and liking it more than any of his other books. It seems to have happened on an era of complete realism which makes it darker but recognisable because it’s sinking down into a fearsome part of our history.

I don’t want to sum up the story or create a spoiler alert by telling you what it’s about but just want to suggest that you read it. As always I have more than one book on the go and haven’t finished it yet.

Stephen King is in my ear; I finished listening to Rose Red the other day and was just mesmerised by the main character. It is her diary that we are reading and the voice is fabulous. I’d never heard of this book but am so glad to have discovered it – I’m thinking of finding the paper version so I can peruse the entries. Now I’m listening to his Bag of Bones and enjoying the slow build-up and the plain but smooth writing.

And, after watching an episode of Meet the Author where the presenter talks to the winners of the Costa Book Awards, I want to buy some of these; here’s the programme link

I bet you want to buy them too when you watch it.

Trying to make up my mind what e-reader to buy; it doesn’t have to be all-singing all-dancing – I only want to use it to read but it has to be light and easy to carry. My bag is full of gadgets as it is!

Must get into town and order my new glasses, soon.



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