Something Rolf Harris said in a programme hit a nail bang on the head; when asked why he painted straight onto canvas instead of drawing first he went on to talk about the drawing being the perfect thing and that it commits you to it. I immediately associated this to writing and how hard it is to get away from the first words you carve into Chapter One. This is where I am at the moment.

I wrote a 50k draft of a novel in November, redrafted the first chapter in December and need a hammer to break up those first words. Now I’m thinking of separating every paragraph and writing them again without the association of the others. But first I need to write about each character without looking at the work; at present she’s too whacky and he’s too soft/flat.

Perhaps if I write something on each of them I’ll get under their fingernails and see what really makes them tick – I know I definitely haven’t done anything like that for him. So maybe I’ll start with him; I’ll write a short story or biographical piece on his life and see what happens. I’ve only ever written gay male characters from their POV.

Well, I seem to have talked myself into a writing exercise so I’d better get on with it.


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