Designed by Fournier and Viktoria Frances

I’m not particularly interested in vampires but these cards are absolutely stunning; the artwork is gorgeous, dark and mysterious – definitely images that draw you in. When you open the pack by yourself you wish there was someone with you so you could say, ‘Look at this! And this.’ So you talk to yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that. I was overwhelmed with the little pack; they fit in your hand neatly, and even though you would love to see them bigger it is enough – some might say that they are an adequate sufficiency.

There is nothing in the details to tell you what suit is what; I guess that the crosses are swords and masks are wands but it’s up in the air as to whether the cups are black roses or butterflies. I feel that the emotion lies with the butterflies, the celebration and tragedy of their short lives – so they should represent the cups. The thorny danger of roses indicates the problems we all have with money – but, it is possible to see the other side of this argument. Don’t we all cry and bleed tears when pricked by the dark side of love? And the other terrible truth is that butterflies feed on excrement, and they are here today, gone tomorrow – a life as short as cash-flow.

I write this as I browse my beautiful new acquisition, before I go exploring to unearth the truth of the matter because it is relevant to show possible inherent problems with such a purchase. A new tarot reader would not know how to solve this and might give up, give the fabulous things away and lose out on the experience of using this inspiring pack.

The disappointing aspect is the lazy decision to make the number cards of the minor arcana plain icons – yes, said icons are pretty but still uninspiring cards with 1 – 10 crosses, masks, roses or butterflies in attendance.

I have fallen for the royals too; the difference between the pictoral and the merely countable is so astonishing I’ve decided to break the pack and use the people alongside the major arcana. The numbers can be utilised as positive and negative in the answering of questions. I always wanted to separate a pack but have never been able to do it until now – this is the right deck to split.

Only time will tell if the cards work for me but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with these; I bounce off images and have a sense of the ironic/sardonic when looking at life in general so the darkness of the images won’t hold me back or depress my natural enthusiasm for living in the world. So, I must go to be with my lovelies and make notes for the next perspective which will appear as I get to know them.


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