And so it is over, and I am a winner; I made the NaNo deadline and have finished the first draft of a 50,000 word novel…ta-da! Ooh it feels soooo good. This was my fourth year attempting this and the only time I succeeded. I must say that I am flabbergasted at how easy it was to make myself sit down and write every day – maybe it’s just timing. I am finally ready to write seriously, take it to the limit of time-tabling and arranging my big arse on a seat and letting my fingers do the talking.

The story is a bit mangled but the essence is there – there’s even an ending, of sorts. The real work begins now to get it shaped up and ship-shape enough to print and put away for a while, then I get to read it from a little distance and see what happens to it from there on in.

Because it was rattled up in a few days before the end of October the plot, descriptions and characterisations are thin so they’ll need a lot of thought and gestation before they come anywhere near scratch – but I’m happy to have forced this out of my lazy old self. This means that there is no excuse for the other half-finished novels hanging around; I will take them in hand and get them through the same kind of wringer, though maybe taking a little more than a month; I’ll name that tune in two! We’ll see.

I can’t even go out and celebrate because the place is white with snow. There is a long and important scene set in the art galleries, of this novel, and I thought I’d take the baby laptop along and just sit and write in different rooms but it’s too much hassle. I’ll do it some other time, maybe when it’s been tidied up a bit.

Actually, I’ve discovered that I type better on the little laptop. I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s because it’s so small and right beneath my fingers. With the big laptop I have to stretch my hands across it and often letters don’t work right and I have to keep going back to press the ‘y’ the ‘u’ and sometimes the ‘h’ again. It was unbelievable how fast I battered the words out on this – mostly because I thought that there was something wrong with the big machine. So I’m glad to have solved the problem. In future all the writing will be done on this lovely little pink baby.



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