Only three days to go for the end of NaNo and I’ve got 10k to write. Got to the stage of sending up prayers like, A plot, a plot – my kingdom for a plot! And For want of a plot the novel was lost! So, instead of waffling on and on in that last 10k I decided to follow a line which began – Karin’s Glasgow… and have now written over 2,000 words, crossing over into her husband’s Glasgow, her mother’s and in doing that I discovered things I didn’t know about the characters and the place. Well, I did know about the place but hadn’t allowed it into the writing.

I thought of this because I wanted the city and its people to become a character in the book and if I settled down to just writing I’d find some jewels falling from my fingers. Hopefully there will be a lot of little passages I can salt through the book that will lift and mobilise the background.

Writing this I’ve found reasons behind some of the characters’ actions and have built up a lot of background detail that might never get into the actual book but will inform me and create curves in the story and gristle in the stew. The end is still up in the air, and at the moment this is looking more like a novella than a novel; it’s so intense and feels as if it’s curling back on itself to delve ever deeper but there’s a long way to go before it’ll be anything other than a project – and there’s a long way to go before it’ll be ready to hit the printer. But, I’m still loving the characters and the story and can’t wait to go to work on it.

There’s a scene set in the art galleries so I’m planning to spend the day there with the baby laptop on Monday. I just want to pick up the atmosphere and make observations – it’ll all go to the word-count.




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