I am amazed at how this exercise, this year, has seated me into a very relaxed and happy rhythm of writing every day, just flipping in and out of the document to add and pad but never subtract. I’ve allowed myself to go back and read through and kept my inner-editor from getting a look in – there is no judging at this stage. Here are some extracts from my notes:


There’s a lot of music mention in these early chapters; I was just watching a programme about Elton John which ended with him making an album with Leon Russel and it struck a cord. I want it in the book – that sense of going back to a time in your life to work out how to go forward.

So does she write letters and emails to him? Is this where the strings of emails comes in? I know I want one between her and Mags, and there has to be a realisation that there is no one around her to have coffee with, so she has to sit at the keyboard by herself with coffee that she’s made in order to talk – make contact with someone who’ll listen to her.

I’m at 8,318 at this present moment… 1.54am on Friday the 5th


11,669 by Sunday night the 7th

23,338 by Sunday night the 14th

35,007 by Sunday night the 21st

46,676 by Sunday night the 28th and only 3,324 in the next two days

50,000 by midnight on the 30th on Tuesday


I’m on target and only got about 500 words to write today/tonight. I’ve been back to the beginning, spreading little descriptive passages and filling in sections where I could. Want to re-organise Chapter 4 & 5 and might get to it later but it can also wait ‘til the end. It feels absolutely brilliant to hit that 11k of the first week, especially with a brand new project – seeing it open up and challenge me is amazing.

I think she has to have an argument with her oldest friend and discover how alone she really is, compared to Rainy who has loads but his are real life friends; hers are mostly online. So she has no one actually around her – there’s no one to hug her, except her mother and she doesn’t want to go there. Don’t know why yet.




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