Time is passing very slowly and my fingers itch to travel this keyboard, spreading over all the possibilities in the telling of the story. So now I must concentrate on my MC’s character and will return to the astrology for that. I want to see her in her reality before I begin and it will be easy to run through her mind and follow the course of her decisions. Where to start is the first point. I could begin with the keys of the new flat jangling in her hand or with the worry of how to leave her husband. Maybe I won’t know until midnight tomorrow – so I’d better prepare both thoughts and be ready for anything…after all, this is flying by the seat of my pants.


I’ve been in this flat for two years and am only now cleaning out a kitchen cupboard that has never lived up to its potential; it has been stuffed with flattened cereal boxes, newspapers and carrier-bags while the very few pots and pans I possess sit in a corner of the counter. They have now moved into their new home, and I’m thinking that this is the perfect vehicle for my MC’s inner turmoil about leaving her husband at the beginning of the novel. So, there is an opening here and it can be free in the world of Nano in just a few hours.

There might not be many blog posts for the rest of this month, but I will try. I’ll be back, eventually.



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