Watching a programme on the BBCi about Hieronymus Bosch I caught a little phrase that I might use as a title – A Kind of Art, which might be what my main character says to someone near the end of the book when talking about her way of life and the way life progresses.

Here’s a transcript of what I wrote in my little notebook on the train home from work last night:

On the train trying to remember something that’s running away from me! It’s about the state of her mind – aha…She’s going from real world friends and connections to cyber-world; even in trying to connect with her husband she’s resorted to letters – one step distant, rather than confrontation and debate, leading to conversation.

As the years have passed all of her friends have moved away and most communication is by email or Facebook – that’s the theme of the book! And the care-work she does is mostly one 2 one, kind of solitary. She shops by herself for stuff to sell on Ebay. The Appropriate Adult job is also solitary and consists of a lot of waiting…and then there are all the audio books; she’s losing the art of conversation, retreating from the world.

Perhaps she ends up working from home while the car sits unused in the car park.

I’m also thinking of putting in one or two of those email trails, where it bounces back and forward between two people so that you get the whole conversation on one email.

Now planning what will make up Chapter One…ooh, I had an idea for the first letter beginning (not with Dear John) with the Remember this… and it sounding like something nice until she reaches the part where she says that she has already left. So I have to get her actions describing her character with a tiny bit of back story at the beginning, followed by the letter so that the reader is overwhelmed and will have run the gamut of emotions. Gotta make em laugh and cry and know exactly what kind of couple they are/were.

Talking to Lisa at work (phone call) she gave me an idea of a little story-line for a friend of my MC’s; she runs over a cat and kills it then a few days later her own cat is killed.


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