NANO! It has arrived and I am going to do it, again. How could I have thought otherwise? Fool.

I don’t want to use an old project so am beginning from this very moment and not slipping in old characters and stories – it’s got to be new and exciting and definitely on the seat of these very pants! When I decided this the word ‘letters’ came into my head, then the number 8, so that’s the working title for now. The next thing coming into my head is that in the end the 8 letters might be an eight-letter word… and now it’s thinking itself into a code. We’ll see.

It will be better for me if I have some plans before I begin, even if I start with the writing of eight letters. I might centre it on one incident or place and work out the characters from there and do the six degrees of separation thing. Think I’ll begin collecting newspapers and do several different exercises with them:

  1. Eyes closed rip a page from each and put it away.
  2. Open eyes and choose a story or advert within a minute, cut it out.
  3. Close eyes and choose a page then cut a square out.
  4. Save the papers in a box for later in case I need them.

And, I’ll use some of the lines in my black ginger jar. In fact, I might do that from now. I bought an exercise book today, not intending it for this use but it’s perfect for taking around with me. I am going to try harder this year to get into some kind of disciplined writing timetable – was just thinking this about Yoga! So, maybe in November I’ll set the alarm for 9am, do some exercise then some writing then breakfast and more writing after. In my new frame of mind, health-wise, this just might work and change my life!


A word stuck out from an episode of Spooks that made me take note; Lighthouse and its position as keeper of the rocks gave me an overview of my possible story.

Will there be a narrator? Or is it a collection of stories with a theme?

I’ve done the newspaper thing but now need to find some characters, so maybe I should actually read the papers and just choose some names and situations, job titles too. Yes, that’s a good way to go.

An idea has just came to me to use the major tarot as chapter titles for now to help stimulate progression. So I’ll copy the handouts I’ve done and fix the set-up.

NAMES from the newspaper

Galloway, Kerry, Ricky, Flynn, Terry, Ronnie, Frazer, Molly, Karin, May

Kerry May, Karin May, Ronnie May, Flynn Galloway, May Galloway, Ronnie Frazer, Ricky Frazer, Ron Terry, Ron Galloway

Frazer May  … Leo … 26.7.

Karin Terry … Scorpio … 2.11.

Rainy Brown… Virgo …22.9

(Rainy Brown is a name I’ve been dying to use for years)

Now taking the names through the tour of astrology:


Write about: weather, food and traffic.

Also had the image of a woman dropping her wedding ring off a bridge but am wondering if that’s too much of a cliché. Think she’ll go through the thoughts of doing it and choose to sell the ring to a pawn shop.

Karin’s mind took her to Jamaica Bridge and fancied her standing there, looking up the river, twiddling with her wedding ring but even as the romantic image of her casting her arm in an arc to throw the thing as far as she could it fell off her finger and disappeared into the black water below.

I’ve just written this one-sentence paragraph with this in mind. I think that section will cover the leaving of her husband, finding a new flat, selling the ring and changing back to her maiden name, which introduces Rainy Brown (the Virgo) as her husband. She gives him his full title when she’s angry.

So, if that’s the case, then Frazer (the Leo) must be the new man in her life – she might work with or for him. He’s the opposite of her husband and leaves mess all over the place and she finds herself in the position that her husband had always been in with her.

Rainy will not be cut out of her life and laughs at the mess Frazer makes, hoping that she will come to her senses and return home.

This is all in Karin’s POV so I don’t need to get into too much detail about the work of men. Next thing to do is find out what they all do for a living.

It is looking like the beginning is her new beginning. I want her to have planned it for a while – so what does that mean for the relationship? I think it means that she has realised that they should be friends and nothing else. There are no children. She put her name down on a housing list the previous year, just in case she could hold out that long and now she can hardly believe that they’ve offered her a one-bedroom flat and it’s in a quiet area. When she got the letter she went and looked through the letterbox to get an idea of the layout. They said it would be a couple of weeks before she got the keys.

I’m visualising my son’s new flat here, that they leave carpets and all sorts – I can have fun with the zimmer, the toilet seat and the walking stick.

Of course, when Rainy comes to visit he’ll rant about living on someone else’s carpets. She’ll be sensible and keep the bed, spouting about beds in hotels and such – but she will buy a new mattress because the one on it is like a rock….though, while she waits on her mattress to be delivered she will Hoover the resident one and wrap it in two mattress covers.


Woohoo, I know what the letters are! It’s all in the plan now. I need to write eight letters from a woman to her husband so she can leave him and build up a friendship with him; she wants to make him face up to the reality of their marriage. At this point I’m toying with the idea that the novel begins with a letter, the one that says that she has already gone, is not too far away and will be in touch soon – that she still loves him but not as a wife and that he deserves real happiness with the right woman.

So the first chapter is about her actually leaving her home and husband of five years. She doesn’t want to face him with it because she thinks he might talk her out of it and that she won’t be able to get a word in, so she writes him a letter – aha, so here are the letters. She will write eight letters. Maybe the first one is the first chapter. She might have the letters titled with particular situations so that when he calls round with the thought of persuading her back she just hands him the right letter. Some of these letters are to remind him of how the marriage was and how they treated each other, how they each behaved in certain situations. So I need to write at least seven letters that begin with – Dear Rainy, remember the time…?

She is approaching forty so he thinks that she is just having a mad turn and will be back when she’s sorted herself out.


I Googled Employment and clicked on Scottish jobs. The first one listed was care-work which sent me back down my own path and Karin becomes my old work. At the same time I had call centre running in my mind, so gave that to Rainy; he can be as altruistic as he wants in that job…and my month’s experience at Esure will help. Frazer’s painting murals just fell out of my head and then the Ebay thing with him and Karin. It could be fun.



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