I’m re-writing an old blog and putting it on Pages. Fatty McSlob is where I rant about the state of my health which is mostly about being forced to diet against my will… and the thought of having to exercise reducing me to fits of the vapours.

Why am I doing this? I feel drawn towards autobiography and the need to be a presence in my children’s lives beyond the dust. Every few months I work on a bit of memoir, edit scraps of journal with a mind to making it interesting and funny in places – using my writing skills to create the best work I can.

This platform, is supposed to be me from the inside out and that must include elements of autobiography so what better than a slice of my life that tells its own tale? In the existing pages above I’ve presented a couple of old published poems, an epistolary story, an old sketch and another piece of biography telling the tale of me as Runaway Granny – which is also an old blog in the process of being re-written.

So, in the re-writing of these I’m aware that I must stand back to get the distance I need to cut to keep the focus, because the work I put up here is not the same as the family memoir; the new versions should be edited as professionally as a published piece of work. It should be written from the same frame of mind, building whole scenes and salting it with the necessary information but keeping in mind the reality of working in the first person.

I need to be careful of any tendency to whine (and bore you all to death) and build more character – tell something about me to make readers care. Maybe put up a picture or two – find some thin and interesting ones… maybe use the one of me on the mantelpiece to prove that I wasn’t always the size of a mountain! Done. But I need to keep the focus, so Fatty McSlob has got to be about eating habits and lifestyle – which inevitable leads to drink, sex and music during the 80s; the emergence of the Shell-suit, jogging suits and gyms. There are a couple of pics of me and Barbara in our jogging outfits… and of course I can always use the bumble bee pic for a bit of light relief. Done.

I hope all this isn’t just another distraction. No, I’ve written sixteen new poems over the last couple of weeks. I’m beginning to straighten up and tidy my life and shape new habits – let’s hope they stick.


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