Congratulations are in order; in the last week I’ve created nine baby poems… and I didn’t even know I was pregnant! I have a new lover – actually it’s really an old one called Morning Pages, but he’s changed his name to Daily and doesn’t mind if I miss out sometimes.

There is a rhythm to his madness that insists I follow-up with a poem. So when I write my two pages and put the notebook aside I must immediately pick up the beautiful new notebook and put pen to that paper. No faffing about looking for inspiration, it’s just get on with it and let the mind do the work… and kind of like writing an essay in an exam, I can put a few notes at the top of the page. So I drag a few phrases out of my head – no more than three lines altogether and then dive into a poem. It works; most of the time I have no idea what it’s going to be about.

Today, the last words on Daily were a reference to the pages and about blogging but the first notes in the poetry book were X Factor and Xmas which led me to cold air; I looked out of the window at the blue sky and glanced at the photo slide-show on my laptop and got writing in the sand of Spain and floating heads in Kelvingrove Art Gallery… and there is the poem – summer into winter and how it looks the same through glass. It’s about outdoor and indoor activities/inclinations.

Most of the poems in the book begin like this but one day I’d brought in the aid of a poetry craft book and settled upon writing Acrostics; that ended up with four poems so here’s one for fun:


Death doesn’t scare me

Adventuring into the past.

Zip,  back I go

Zap,  here I am again

Living somewhere, somewhen

Eventually, someone else.

Death is a return ticket.

God knows how I got there from the word, Dazzled. I love all that leaping and jumping into stuff – you just never know where it’s going to lead.


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