Tipping myself into some poetry, trying to polish three poems for the Mslexia competition deadline on the 27th. So I’ve pulled six out of the unfinished file and have a week to find three fabulous pieces of work. Well, it keeps me out of trouble.

I actually brushed off the layer of laziness yesterday and worked for a few hours on the new WIP. Yay! This laziness I mentioned, it’s like an old woman dressed in a multitude of layers and I’ve just taken off the jacket. A little while ago I glanced over at the desk in the bedroom and thought about moving the laptop there so I can sit to attention and perhaps write properly…and then there’s the nice little desk in the living room with the attractive shelves surrounding it. Why can’t I do that?

Oh stop whining. If I split my personality I could create a character, someone with a hard sounding name that barks out sharp orders, has me snap to attention and do what it says. Captain-says – stand on your head for five minutes. Write about confusion for ten. Run up and down the stairs. Count your change and write about the last cash transaction.

My whole life changed when I took off for Devon in 2003,

and changed again when I went to live in Spain,

then again when I returned to Scotland.

I like deadlines. So maybe I should/could be the kind of writer who writes by the seat of her pants but also does it to a regime. I have lots of time and space in which to write but find/lose myself fannying about on the net and watching TV drama on the laptop. At this rate the only work I’ll leave behind me when I pop my clogs will be of the unfinished variety!

Dare I make appointments with myself? Should I set up fines and cruel punishments for bad time-keeping and slothful ways? There are also all the books I buy on the subject of writing that I don’t ever read right through; I’ll set a text for each month. Eeee, this is fun. I like planning. I haven’t read my Mslexia magazines either, or taken the time to read important blogs. I know – I’ll draw up a nice timetable in my notebook, and where it says READ I’ll read whatever is available at the time, whether it’s a free newspaper on the train or an old classic on my iPod…but it must be using my eyes – this is not about getting lost in a story.

I shall be my own apprentice and said student will be enthusiastic but can I keep it up and will I be successful in changing my habits? Let’s see.


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