I’m poeting just now, working on the ‘Unfinished’ file, preparing work to send out to magazines and competitions – haven’t done that for a while and some of these poems have been lying around for years.

There were quite a few chances for readings last year so I’d worked some stuff into performance mode, now I have all these versions of poems that need to be sorted. I worked on three last night and am satisfied, for now. Oh, I do continue to tamper.

Sometimes I feel like a priest, bent on marriage. I blend these unfinished works, plunder that file for similar themes and bits that will make interesting parallels in certain juxtapositions… and then I’m ecstatic if there’s a successful wedding march, and a new poem trips down the aisle and out of the church door!

In delight, my tidying hand presses the button – delete, delete, delete, and the old versions are gone but not forgotten because there is a hard copy filed away somewhere. I’ve moved a few inches forward and a level higher. Must buy ink.

The WIP is still halted and I haven’t spent the time I need to on my MC, but I’m not going to worry about that – no. I’ll just visit some short stories; they are calling me, and I should finish one for my writing colony monthly comp. Actually, I’ve been busy marrying the section I’ve written from the prompt to another piece of work. Maybe I’ll be lucky this month with my new creation.


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