Now thinking that the whole first chapter needs to capture Dot as a person, so that the story belongs to her and her future, and that her main focus isn’t just on sorting out her son’s problems. So, I have to write a new chapter then, don’t I?

I’ve just had that phrase, A writer writes, flashing from books and blogs recently. It’s digging into my ribs and nudging me because I haven’t been writing, but thinking and tidying and buying books and listening to audio books – also reduced to talking to myself. My mind is in scold mode. I actually set my alarm to get up and write this morning on my day off but I turned it off and turned over. Where is my sacrifice?

All this thinking led me to the realization that I didn’t really know my MC so I worked with astrology books to find out when she was born and what type of person she could be. That was good, and I found lots of holes and filled them in. now I need to put that in writing behind her voice in the all new first chapter.

See what I’ve done? Blogged it instead of writing it. So, I’m going to find some food then come back and write – will let you know how I get on.


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