So, here I am typing on the new keypad of my lovely new laptop. It’s another PC; I didn’t get the Mac because my old machine was acting up and I couldn’t wait. But I’ve got Windows 7, which seems a lot like what impressed me on the Mac, so I’m happy – but, it’s a bugger getting used to a new keyboard. I’ve already lost two whole sentences I wrote in a forum post and have no idea how it happened; so I’ll need to be careful… going to save this now.

I’ve spent the last five days moving photographs and music, using all sorts of magic devices and programmes. I like Dropbox, and simply copied my whole writing file into it in one action and down onto here it dropped.

Writing has taken a seat somewhere in Alaska, or thereabouts, because I didn’t dare do anything on the old machine in case I lost it, and wasn’t quite ready to trust the new one. These are the first words. I cut my fingernails especially (I hate when they click on the keys, and I didn’t need any more distraction) in preparation for the churning out of words, in the thousands – soon.

The first chapter I put up for critique has had some very helpful comments that make me want to sit down and work on it some more – so I’d better get used to this machine pretty quick.

Someone mentioned on a writing forum that they often think that their writing is a pile of crap; my mind went straight to my short stories, which are definitely rubbish – but I don’t despair. I know I’ll get better, with a lot of practice and reading and research, and plots!

Oh, this lovely machine has a 15.5 screen which is gigantic compared to my old laptop. I bought that when I was running around the world and needed it to be light. This one is heavy but it’s so great to watch programmes and movies on, lying in bed. I’ve asked number one son to make me an overbed-trolly. OMG I’ll never leave this bed!

I went to the park on Wednesday with lots of grandchildren and breathed in the lovely sunshine (very rare here) and walked and walked and walked…which I’m told is good for me. My legs are excited at the thought of more of the same. I have an appointment with a trainer at the local swimming pool this Wednesday which is supposed to change my life, and health – we’ll see. After the meeting I’m heading for a late lunch in town with my friend Oracle, where we’ll demolish a huge cheeseboard between us. Oh yes, I am sooooo in training.


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