I thought I was going to spend all day faffing around on the net, but I didn’t; I actually worked on the WIP, writing new words, editing some old ones (still) and really finding the real shape of that first chapter. Time disappeared and I shocked the hell out of my lazy self. So it’s now hovering on the last few words of 32k and will be 33k again very soon. Can you see the big smile on my face? I feel like a hurdler and am now flying to the finish line; the finish line here is to get a strangle-hold on this (originally) 40k that was kind of mangled during Nano last November.

This is me laying in a new driveway and will soon be parking my elegant old Jag on it – yeah right; I wish. But, it’s still a new base/foundation and I’ll have a smoother run at the end, hopefully.

Last week I discovered that I didn’t have enough procrastination places so joined another three writing colonies; one of them is too quiet, one has what looks like exciting things to do (but isn’t free, but not too expensive) and the last one is HUGE – plenty of chat…writerly chat of course. As long as I come through with some writing, I can allow myself informative if not creative conversations; it’s all going into the same dinner.

I’ve posted the new Chapter 1 for critique, at my home colony so will get an idea of how it is sitting now. The whole thing has been doing my head in for the last few months but I have been writing short fiction for the monthly competitions – there is some work coming out of this immobile factory.


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