So this platform thingy I’m building, this path I must pave is proving to be a real distraction from the writing; yet more procrastination. I am dawdling in old files and looking for interesting gems to attract an audience, but nothing that would spoil real publication – I am not a self-publisher! Oh but I am if you count the fact that I am on here publishing my own words. You know what I mean. The major works in progress will not appear here, nor will serious virgin poetry; I will scatter a few pieces that I’m not considering for real publication.

I want to begin something that is serial, and free; which will mean that it might be kind of rough, so please excuse it. Actually I am at the beginning of a 2yr project that is in a completely new area for me; fantasy. Now that might be the perfect thing to put on here. It’s still in the growing stage and isn’t even a foetus yet so there will be a wait for that.

PAGES are stacking up on the side here, with a selection of poetry, journal and prose. Letters to a Psychic is an epistolary story told from the viewpoint of an elderly stalker. I will update at least every week, sometimes more as I fill the coffers. I promise that this will not turn into a whining and whingeing platform – I’m not that kind of writer.


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